Cryptopsy - None So Vile (Full Album)


Cryptopsy - None So Vile (Full Album)

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Cryptopsy - None So Vile (Full Album) 

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36 GuyPearce  
36 GuyPearce  
Cryptopsy - Crown Of Horns

"I do that rather well, don't you think?"

Capricornus Rex in tenebris, I long
To feel the dark caress of your cloven hooves;
I seek the loving warmth of your anus as I
Place my worshipful lips about your teats

We hate, and so we gather
By the light of the moon;
The art of veneficium...
This we learned from you...
To make them grieve in their lord
Their redeemer in flames
Fanned by the scorn of the children
Who now curse his name
Sire of sin
You embody me
To you we congregate;
None so vile
Your magnificent
Crown of horns
Inspires deeds maleficent

Destroy the parasite
Destroy the parasite
Destroy the parasite
Destroy Jesus Christ

They'll crawl in their perdition
The righteous will be lost
Where gutted angels lie fucked...
Beneath the funeral cross;
We'll dig them a mass grave soon
And bring to their knees
Those who would have rescinded
The laws of disease

Crown of
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Dead and Dripping
Graves of the Fathers
"The children have turned"
The cherubs wail
As anticross triumphs
Where the cross has failed

Hell-spawned majesty, we eagerly await
The advent of the next millennium
When you will return with a swarm from beyond
To claim your carnal lost dominion
36 GuyPearce  
아... 어떻게 이런 사운드를... 정말 경이롭다는... ㅜㅜ