POWER S06E01 Murderers


POWER S06E01 Murderers




< s u r r e a l s p a c e >

Power Season 6 Episode 1: Murderers

Ghost seeks vengeance due to the ill will of Tommy Egan; Tasha vows to get even with Ghost for the murder of Terry Silver; Tariq and Tommy mourn an old friend; and the AUSA's Office is under new leadership. 

Network: Starz 

Air Date: Aug 25, 2019

Big Rich Town

크고 부유한 도시


They say this is a big, rich town, yeah, yeah

사람들이 여긴 크고 부유한 도시라는데

And I just come from the poorest part, oh

난 가장 가난한 동네에서 왔네

Bright lights, city life, I gotta make it

찬란한 불빛 도시 생활 난 성공해야 하네

This is where it goes down, yeah (yeah, yeah)

바로 여기가 이루어지는 데라네

I just happen to come up hard (come up hard)

난 어쩌다 힘들게 성장했네 (힘들게 성장했네)

Legal or illegal, baby, I gotta make it

합법 아님 불법 베이비 난 성공해야 하네

I never took a straight path nowhere

난 어디도 똑바로는 가지 않네

Life's full of twist and turns

인생은 돌고 도는 거네

Bumps and bruises, I live, I learn

여기 저기 다치고도 난 사네 난 배우고 있네

Yeah slick talker, shit talker, New Yorker

예 씨티 슬릭 토커 쉬토커 뉴요커

Collectin' property, playin' Monopoly (ha, ha)

콜렉팅 프라퍼티 플레잉 모나폴리

You might want bond with us, build and break bread

우리랑 친하게 지내고 짓고 같이 먹고 그럴 수도 있지

You think I'm fucking 'round, look there's money to make here

내가 씨발 장난한다고 생각하지 이봐 돈을 벌어 보지

More snakes than rats, it's just a habit to my habitat

쥐보다 뱀이 더 많지 그냥 습관이 된 곳에 내가 자지

Grab this strap, I'ma show you who to blam it at

이 줄을 잡지 보여 주지 비난할게 누군지

Goddamn can we all just get along? (Nah)

망할 같이 좀 화기애애하게 지내지

Hell no, not when you forget who put you on (yeah)

헬 노 누가 널 치켜세워줬는지 잊으면 안되지

My plug gave me the keys to success

내 힘으로 성공하지 나한테 키를 줬지


s u r r e a l s p a c e

Early in the morning sunlight
Soaring on the wings of dawn
Here I'll live and die with my wings in the sky
And I won't come down no more

Higher than a bird I'm flying
Crimson skies of ice and fire
Borne on wings of steel I have so much to feel
And I won't come down no more

Sail on, sail on, I will rise each day to meet the dawn
So high, so high
I've climbed the mountains of the sky
Without my wings you know I'd surely die
I found my freedom flyin' high
I've climbed the mountains of the sky

Floating on a cloud of amber
Searching for the rainbow's end
Earth so far below me,
I'm here alone, free
I can't come down no more 

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